We utilize PASKR as our construction management system. PASKR is a cloud-based system that is accessible online. To access the TWC PASKR website please click the following link.

PASKR: Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get my login credentials for PASKR?

The Project Manager associated with your project will send your initial login credentials to invite you to view the Planroom or to sign your subcontract. If you have already signed in to Paskr previously and have forgotten your username and password, visit and select “Forgot Login”.

How do I submit for payment in PASKR?

This is best explained via screenshot. View the following:

Page 6 Page 3 Page 5 Page 1 Page 2 Page 4

How do I submit a Change Order in Paskr?

Submit a Change Order on your company letterhead directly to your Project Manager. If approved, the PM will then generate a Change Order in Paskr and you will then be notified to sign the Change Order in Paskr. NOTE: Signing a Change Order does not mean you have billed for that Change Order. To bill for a Change Order, follow the same steps you would for submitting a pay application.

Where can I find the most updated set of drawings?

When you have logged into your project, go to Filing Cabinet > Planroom. There you can view and download the most recent set of drawings.